(Social Humanitarian and Cultural Committee)

Agenda Item: Methods of ensuring gender equality in regard to the economic sphere

Under-Secretary-General: Iliyan Alkarim (

Academic Assistant: Dilek Küçükerdem

The Social, Cultural, and Humanitarian Issues (SOCHUM) committee is the third committee of the United Nations General Assembly, aiming to help resolve any prevalent global humanitarian issues that are happening in the world. Since its first session in 1948, SOCHUM has become one of the most important divisions of the UN, as nearly every issue has some form of social, cultural, or humanitarian impact. The SOCHUM committee convenes every year in early October and aims to conclude successfully by the end of November. Every member state of the UN can attend.

A study conducted in 2018, titled “The Gender Equality Paradox”, showed that countries that were more egalitarian in nature saw the differences between men and women growing the field of STEM. This came as quite a surprise, because it illustrated that countries with a greater national gender equality gap had lower differences in the number of men and women studying and graduating in STEM fields. This came even though there was no noticeable difference in their science and math performances in high school. These differences, in turn, accentuate the economic differences between genders as the STEM fields have a higher average pay. In this edition of OZUMUN’s SOCHUM committee, we are going to look at the workable solutions to gender equality and how its solutions will affect the economic sphere we live in. 

This committee is suitable for beginner and intermediate delegates.