Historical Crisis Cabinet

HCC (Historical Crisis Cabinet: Holy Roman Empire)

Agenda Item: Way to Renovatio Imperii

Under-Secretary-General: Hakkı Berat Dalgar (berat.dalgar@ozu.edu.tr)

The Holy Roman Empire was officially formed in the year 962 and lasted until the year 1806 and consisted of many small to medium-sized states of Europe. Since there were many nations in the Empire, there were conflicts on having one straight opinion which resulted in other non-HRE countries benefiting from this divergence. If they could unite and have a single voice, they were strong which was the main reason for HRE to be formed in the first place, to re-unite and bring back the Roman Empire’s glory.

Holy Roman Empire: Way to Renovatio Imperii is a committee where the delegates represent the members of the Holy Roman Empire and will try to reignite the spirit of the Roman Empire. After the defeat of the crusader army against the Ottomans in the Battle of Varna in 1444, the situation in Europe did not seem great. Aftermath of Varna being the starting date of the committee, delegates will go through ages focusing on constant crises all around Europe to finally restore the Roman Empire. We all will witness the Renaissance, discovery of the New World, Reforms in Christianity, and many more and today will be shaped by the Princedoms and Duchies of Europe.

This committee is suitable for experienced delegates.